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At CINFAB, we’re proud to be the area’s premier HVAC sheet metal company. We partner every day with small and large companies to be the “behind-the-scenes” support for many buildings in the southwest Ohio region.

The only way we can consistently accomplish great results is with experts in the field and in our shop.

We offer not just jobs. We offer careers in mechanical contracting — while working in a great environment with great people. Together, we are the CINFAB family.

The Benefits of Working at CINFAB

  • Four-year apprentice program
  • Fast-track promotions based on skill level testing
  • Continual training opportunities
  • Supervisor opportunities
  • Shop positions with single location and regular hours
  • Full line of benefits
    • Medical and dental coverage
    • 401(k) with match
    • Vacation
    • Holidays


Let us know that you’re interested in learning more about career opportunities at CINFAB by completing the form below. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The CINFAB Apprentice Program

CINFAB has our own in-house apprentice program. It’s a 4-year program, which results in graduates becoming a Sheet Metal Journeyman. When an apprentice is hired and registered with the state as an apprentice, their program begins.

The program includes classroom time and on-the-job working hours.  The classroom work typically runs from mid-September through mid-April.

Classes are held 2 evenings per week at the CINFAB office throughout the school year.  Apprentices must attend class and maintain passing grades. The on-the-job hours start as soon as the apprentice is registered with the state.

All apprentices are required to fill out a form each month showing all working hours listed in the appropriate category.  They must complete 8,000 hours, which is approximately 4 years of full-time employment. All apprentices can and will work in both the fabrication shop and in the field on job sites.  Our classroom has a lab where they will learn real-life skills in the sheet metal industry.

Apprentices all start at a competitive rate and receive a raise after every 1,000 hours worked.

Apply for the program by completing the application below and clicking the Apprentice Program checkbox.