Quality Measures


CINFAB has always been heavily focused on the professional and personal development of its associates in Operations. Workforce development is a core focus of our organization, so we insist on and invest in regular employee training. All new employees must meet initial training and skill requirements upfront, and they are expected to regularly participate in training on the jobsite and in small groups. CINFAB routinely offers educational courses and employees have the opportunity to “test up” to advance to the next level of responsibility within the company. As our employees master new skills and improve their performance on the job, they are rewarded for those accomplishments.


At CINFAB, we take great pride in the experienced and responsible workforce that we’ve developed. Our commitment to training and growth of our employees enables us to include a dedicated site safety person on each worksite. Our knowledgeable and accomplished Project Foremen oversee work progress, and they fill the role of site safety directors. Their credentials include completion of the 30-hour OSHA safety course, a rigorous 25-week supervisory course, plus first aid and CPR training. All other field employees are required to attend 10-hour OSHA safety courses.

CINFAB is supported by our corporate Safety Director who conducts regular site visits and assists the project teams in addressing specific site safety challenges and requirements. CINFAB is enrolled in the OSHA VPP Challenge Program.

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